Alice Kane

Honoured Teller – 2010

Alice Kane was born in Ireland in 1908. Moving with her parents to  Canada in 1921, she was educated in New Brunswick and at McGill  University in Montreal before beginning a career with the Toronto  Public Library, where she had a major interest in fairy tales. After her  retirement in 1973, she taught Children’s Literature at the University  of New Brunswick, then began a second career as a professional  storyteller in association with the Storytellers School of Toronto. She  has been a featured performer at many storytelling events, including  the American Storytelling Festival at Jonesborough, Tennessee. Her rich oral heritage is remembered in Songs of an Ulster Childhood, edited by Edith Fowke (1983). The Dreamer Awakes, a collection of her best-loved stories, was published by Broadview Press in 1995

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