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Stevens_CDTraditional Chinese Tales

Kate Stevens         2002

Bodger_CoverTales of the Winter Hag

 Joan Bodger          2003

Bird_CDLegends of the Omushkigowak

Pennishish (Louis Bird) 2005

McGirr_CDThe Laxdala Saga and Other Tales 

Carol McGirr        2006

Fumoleau_CDThey Gave Me a Chance

Rene Fumoleau       2007

StClair_CDStories of Cape Breton 

Jim St. Clair            2008

McLean_CD Stories from the Prairies

Marie Anne McLean  2009

Kane_CDTales of       Wonder

Alice Kane             2010

 A Link in the Chain

Lorne Browne         2011


Mac an Iascaire

Mike Burns  2012


Across 5000 Years

M Jennie Frost 2013